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Fueling value creation in every investment

NIPA Capital

NIPA Capital is an independent European investment company founded in September 2018. Combining the extensive public and private markets experience of founders Nikolaas Henket and Patrick Grasso, NIPA offers three distinct areas of expertise: 

  1. Direct real estate investments

  2. Pan-European listed REITs

  3. Private market (growth) investments


NIPA’s direct real estate investments / strategy focuses on opportunistic and value-oriented investments in undervalued mid-market real estate, predominantly in Western European cities. The vast European mid-market real estate sector lacks institutional focus but has an abundance of institutional quality product. 


As a specialist in strategic block investing, NIPA advises HNWIs and institutional investors on their participation in Pan-European listed REITs. We create value by acquiring substantial minority or control positions in undervalued European listed real estate companies, using an Equity Capital Markets driven approach. Through a variety of techniques, we aim to close the firm’s valuation gap by working closely with the management(board) and other key stakeholders.

NIPA partners with unique and innovative companies to accelerate their growth. We look for disruptive and scalable operators with strong managements. 

NIPA aims to fuel these brands, allowing them to accelerate their unique offering. We strongly believe in founder/entrepreneur-led businesses and aim to partner closely with the entrepreneur, using this window of opportunity to institutionalise and strengthen the position of these concepts.

Our deep experience allows us to identify opportunities and invest capital with high conviction



For any inquiries, please email us:
our address

NIPA Head Office

Herengracht 280,
Amsterdam, 1016 BX, 

The Netherlands

NIPA Portugal Office

Rua Latino Coelho, 142

Porto, 4000-313


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